Welcome To My Blog. How Can I Help You?

Hello Everyone,
I want to welcome you to my blog “How to Succeed In a Home Based Business.” Thank you for taking the valuable time out of your day to look for ways to improve your home based business. My Name is Taylor Bonawitz and I personal am a home based entrepreneur working out of Oregon.

I created this blog because I have been in the industry, I have worked with several different companies and I have performed some extensive research on the industry as a whole. I have came to realize the secrets of the industry, have been learning from top earners and am ready to help you succeed. This is because I personally feel there is a very low success rate in the industry as a whole and that definitely needs to change. There are multiple reasons a person can fail in the industry; whether its a lack of training when an individual joins, a lack of team or company support, a lack of personal motivation or a variety of other reasons. I am looking to provide a solutions to all the industry problems and more through this blog.

It is very important for people to get the proper training and support when they join because this is a great industry that provides a lot of potential for people to change their lives. Average people are able to drastically change their current situations and develop a more promising future. While changing yourself and your future, you also have to opportunity to work towards being financially independent.

I created this blog with the intention to develop and provide valuable information and resources to everyone involved in the home based business industry. I want help them grow their business and establish the wealth they were hoping to build when they joined the industry. It is my purpose with this blog to help others recruit more reps, get more leads and become top income earners in their respective industries. This blog is simply for the benefit of others because I have the goal of helping thousands of people achieve success in the industry; it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or have been in the industry from 5-10 years, I take it as my mission to help you grow personally, help others and ultimately succeed. It is very important to help others achieve success and receive the proper training because with these two factors, we can uplift the home based business industry so more people can carry a more positive outlook when hearing about it

Thank you again for checking out my blog, make yourself at home and feel free to contact me personally if you need any help or have any questions. You can look for me to regularly post videos, write blog posts, post inspiration/motivation material and provide other resources to help you build your business.

Also feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more information and training for your Home Based Business.

I hope you all are having a great day, I look forward to connecting with you soon and hearing about your success!

Taylor Bonawitz


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